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cover_west.jpgDetailed interactive map Rila west - exact copy of the print edition. The map is in csale 1:40'000 and contour lines by 25 m. The iluminatione (shadows) is from 90° (east). The map is GPS compatible with drawn grid by 1 min, Datum: WGS84, Format: Lat/Lon hddd° mm. mmm'


The borders of all protected areas in the map area are reflected on the map, kindly submited from the direction of the "Rila" National Park. 


The publication of the maps in GPS format is project we working on and expect as soon as posible all the Iskartour's maps ready for instalation of your personal GPS receivers.  If you use personal GPS receiver can help us by pointing in the poll in the right column what type is for which thank you in advance.


The places sale the Iskartour maps are published in section "distribution". If you are interesting to distribute or just sale our maps, feel free to contact us here.


For omission and mistakes on the map write us here.



Free fly over the map in 3D variant.






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rilski_ezera_ski_zone_preview.jpg3D map ski zone Rilski ezera


maliovitsa_part_web.jpg3D model Maliovitsa part Rila mountain


panorama_tapankovitsa_web.jpgPanorama 360° from mount Tapankovitsa 


panorama_maliovitsa_web.jpgPanorama 360° from mount Maliovitsa - summer


panorama_lovnitsa_web.jpgPanorama 360° from mount Lovnitsa - winter


Detailed interactive map Rila east


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interactive 3D map 

interactive 3D map 

print edition 

Bansko MTB

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interactive 3D map 

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Rila northwest map

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map Pirin north 25000

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map Pirin southern

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map ''Central and eastern Rila''

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map Vitosha & Verila 25000