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The work on detailed mapping of the Rhodope Mountains continues. 


Due to the large area of the mountain, the project is the print edition to be published in a booklet with "spiral" with size 13 / 22 cm., scale 1:50 '000, and contour lynes by 25 m.  On the back cover will be attached unfolding page size 22 / 48 cm with an image of the map at a scale of 1:500 '000, marked with the page specified in the book. The map is GPS compatible with the grid plotted in 1 min Datum WGS84 Format Lat / Lon hddd ° mm. mmm '. The contents of the map without the extra content is 350 pages. Additional information on the main trekking tours and the becoming more popular mountain biking tours will be published within no more than 50 pages.




On the map, as well as various special purpose pages and fields we have provided advertising space. The goal is to help as much as possible, financing of the project. 


With prices and opportunities for ad placement on the map you can inspect here.


In case you are interested in publishing your advertisement on the map be sure to familiarize yourself with the possibilities for combined advertising on our website and opportunities offered by our discount system, published in the section "for advertising"


If you are interested to post your ad materials on the map, on our website, combined or have any questions, feel free to contact us here. We are ready to meet and discuss all questions and suggestions from you.


As soon as possible here will be published a work variant of the map in two types: interactive, searchable by name and version for viewing page by page.


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interactive 3D map 

interactive 3D map 

interactive 3D map 

interactive 3D map 

print edition 

Rila northwest map

print edition 

map Pirin north 25000

print edition 

map Pirin southern

print edition 

map ''Central and eastern Rila''

print edition 

map Vitosha & Verila 25000