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Easy share in most popular social networks and embed option of our maps in your websites. The embed option is available for all the maps in category "interactive maps", "3D maps" and "panorama 360°". Click the "share" button and then the "<embed> button.  



To embed copy the code from the text area under the "<embed>" buttun and paste it at the desired position in your web page. If you wish to change the size, correct the values width="enter your desired width" and height="enter your desired height" ( the values are in pixels ).


- the maps constuction in category "3D maps" and "panorama 360°" prevents scaling. For this reason, resize proportionally or risk to appear uncomfortable white field side or top and bottom of the map.


- the maps size  in the category "interactive maps" you can change arbitrarily without affecting the file vision. 


If you have difficulty seek the services of a specialist in web design.


In the embed files discreet added Iskartour logo with a link "watch on", like the "youtube", which opens a new window.


Using the ability to embed maps is under "terms of use" of site.


All maps and files are copyrighted and оur request is don't try to change the codes other than the proposed way and use the service as proposed.


Here you can contact us for advice and omissions have noticed.


Let's really make Bulgaria a tourist destination with high quality and professional service!  




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interactive 3D map 

interactive 3D map 

interactive 3D map 

interactive 3D map 

print edition 

Rila northwest map

print edition 

map Pirin north 25000

print edition 

map Pirin southern

print edition 

map ''Central and eastern Rila''

print edition 

map Vitosha & Verila 25000