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The map is a special edition, it is application to the Mountain Guide "Rila", which is to be released in 2013 by the publishing house "TanNakRa Tangra", Sofia.


The map is in scale 1:120000 and contour lines by 100 m., compact and maximum readable.


Authors of the rich with information Mountain Guide are Rumen Grancharov and Strahil Gyuviyski. The book is intended for both beginners and experienced travelers. It contains a physical-geographical survey of the mountain, give information about protected areas, exits, huts and routes in Rila. Can be read many stories, legends and trivia about the great Bulgarian mountain.


Unfortunately, at this stage the gidebook will be available only in Bulgarian.


For omission and mistakes on the map write us here.



Free fly over the map in 3D variant:


part 1:





part 2:







Weather current condition and 5 days forecast



in this topic:


maliovitsa_part_web.jpg3D model Maliovitsa part Rila mountain


panorama_tapankovitsa_web.jpgPanorama 360° from mount Tapankovitsa 


panorama_maliovitsa_web.jpgPanorama 360° from mount Maliovitsa - summer


panorama_lovnitsa_web.jpgPanorama 360° from mount Lovnitsa - winter


Detailed interactive map Rila east


cover_west.jpgDetailed interactive map Rila west



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interactive 3D map 

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Rila northwest map

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